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Q1:Hello, where can I find for this PC a System file and drivers for Windows 10 home ?

The windows 10 home of  :


Q2: Can this be used for Pf sense Firewall?

Yes it can be used for the Pf sense Firewall.


Q3: Does bios have restored power after ac power loss?

Yes it has a function of auto power on.


Q4: Can this machine stream Netflix at 4K? 

Yes it is not a problem for streaming Netflix at 4K and yes the HDMI supports 4K@60hz.


Q5: Does the HDMI also send sound, or do i need to connect the sound separately?

HDMI has audio + video transmission, and the connected monitor needs to have speakers then it can have sound.


Q6:Is the included HDMI cable good enough for 4K@60Hz?

Yes,the HDMI supports 4K@60hz.


Q7: Can I play fortnite on the U700?


Yes, the U700 mini pc can play the fortnite.
Game effect reference: or


Q8: How to access Bios?

Please press the "DELETE" key immediately to enter into the BIOS after power on the computer.

Q9: What kind of hard disk is installed? Emmc or ssd?

For the GK45 4+64GB Model, it has been installed the 64GB eMMMC, but you could install the SSD by yourself.
For the GK45 4+128GB Model, it has been installed the 128GB NVMe SSD.


Q10: Can I add more storage? If yes what kind memory can i add?(GK45)

Yes, you could add more storage on this GK45 Mini PC, such as NMVe SSD(up to 2TB), NGFF SSD(up to 2TB), 2.5'' HDD(up to 2TB).


Q11: Does it automatic power on after power failure?(GK45)

Yes, the GK45 Mini PC supports auto power on after power failure.
It needs you to update the EC to has this function:


Q12: Would it can be work as a tv media player and connected to a nas?

 Yes, it can be work as a tv media player and connected to a NAS.


Q13: Does the Type-C port support video output?(GK45)

Yes, the GK45's Type-C port supports 4K@60Hz video output.


Q14: What setting do you change for the auto power on function?

You could enter into the BIOS to set it.


Q15: How do I get into BIOS and how I put in a 2,5 HDD?

First question press DEL key for CMOS and F11 for booting media selection; Second in the upper case space one extra 2.5" sata socket connector exists.


Q16: If I plan to run linux on this, is the windows 10 license transferable to another PC?

Sorry that the Windows license can't be transferred to another PC, thanks.


Q17: POE- can this unit be powered by poe?

Sorry that this item doesn't support powered by POE,thanks.


Q18: For the model gn31 mini pc intel celeron j3160 processor. is the 4gb of lpddr3 upgradabe? if so, how many slots are available?

Sorry that the RAM of the GN31 Mini PC can't be upgraded, but you could expand the storage by installing SSD and HDD, thanks.


Q19: Can the tdp unlocker be turned off to help reduce the heat from the cpu?

It needs to update the BIOS. If you need it, you could contact us by, but the performance will be reduced once the tdp unlocker be turned off.